Operating System Download Links

(External Links provided from www.raspberrypi.org)


Beginners should start with NOOBS. You can purchase a pre-installed NOOBS SD card from the PiFactory, or download NOOBS below and follow the NOOBS setup guide.

NOOBS is an easy operating system installer which contains Raspbian. It also provides a selection of alternative operating systems which are then downloaded from the internet and installed.

NOOBS Lite contains the same operating system installer without Raspbian pre-loaded. It provides the same operating system selection menu allowing Raspbian and other images to be downloaded and installed.


    Offline and network install
    Version: 1.4.1
    Release date: 2015-05-11
    SHA-1: 279cdeb50861d2ef2681b4d1f5e98c40581f48b1
  • NOOBS Lite

    Network install only
    Version: 1.4
    Release date: 2015-02-18
    SHA-1: e14053513795a386ac259f19408b94ffafa238d9


Alternatively download our recommended distribution Raspbian as a stand-alone image and follow the image installation guides in our documentation.

  • Raspbian

    Debian Wheezy
    Release date: 2015-05-05
    Default login: pi / raspberry
    Kernel version: 3.18
    Release notes: Link
    SHA-1: cb799af077930ff7cbcfaa251b4c6e25b11483de

Third Party Operating System Images

Third party images are also available.

Note: Raspbian and NOOBS contain Java SE Platform Products, licensed to you under the Oracle Binary Code Licence Agreement available here.